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Safe Guard Swine 1.8% 20lb Bucket

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Protect your swine against lungworms, gastrointestinal worms and kidney worms with Safe-Guard 1.8% Swine Dewormer. This quality dewormer will help your swine stay healthy, encourage higher weight gains and higher conception rates. Contains Fenbendazole. To use, mix this dewormer with feed. 20 lbs.


  • Metastrongylus apri
  • Metastrongylus pudendotetus

Gastrointestinal Worms:

  • Adult & larve (L3, L4 stages, liver, lung, intestinal forms)
  • Large roundworms (Ascaris suum)
  • Nodular worms (Oesophagostomum dentatum; Ornithostrongylus quadrispinlatum)
  • Small stomach worms (Hyostrongylus rubidus)
  • Adult & larvae (L2, L3, L4 stages - intestinal mucosal forms) whipworms (Trichuris suis)

Kidney Worms:

  • Adult & larvae (Stephanurus dentatus)

Mixing & Use Directions

lbs. of
lbs. of Pork Premix
Will Deworm
# of 50 lb. Pigs
# of 100 lb. Pigs
0.4 800 16 8
0.8 1,600 32 16
2.0 4,000 80 40
4.0 8,000 160 80

Mix 0.4 lbs of premix in the ration for each 800 lbs of pork to be dewormed. Feed as the sole ration for 3-12 consecutive days. This ration should supply a total intake of 4.08 mg Fenbendazole per lb. of pork.

For Individual Feeding:

  • 300 lb. Gilt: Add 0.8 oz. daily to the gilts ration for 3 consecutive days
  • 450 lb. Sow: Add 1.2 oz. daily to the sow ration for 3 consecutive days

Limitations: Feed as the sole ration in complete feed for a period of 3-12 days so to provide a total intake of 9 mg/kg of body weight. No withdrawl time is required.